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I’m a result-driven marketer & digital content creator.

Want to get to know me? Dive into my portfolio including my certifications, experience, and a little bit about me.

My Certifications

Each piece of knowledge applies to my passion for marketing. The certifications do not stop there, and I continue to build my foundation everyday.

Digital Marketing


The ability to track day-to-day campaign performance to optimize budgets for ROI. With lower costs, multiple strategies, and effective targeting, let’s get forget restrictions.

Social Media Marketing


The use of social media platforms will enhance product promotion and drive brand awareness to increase sales and interaction with customers.

Google Ads


Want optimal reach to your audience? Google Ads makes the opportunities endless for the target audience. Measuring success and managing campaigns is important.

about me

Fashion, traveling, and food sparked with the ability to market myself. As a small content creator, I have the opportunity to use my marketing skills as a side hustle! Social media marketing and digital marketing are used for myself and for companies I have and continue to work with. I currently purse my marketing career path as a marketing coordinator.

Marketing Coordinator

Working with 100+ vendors and Zeigler’s Distributor, Inc. to enhance and create new and existing content and promotions within the pet industry.

Fashion Enthusiast

Worked with companies such as J. Crew, SHEIN, Joycuff, Pura Vida, and more!

Digital Content Creator

Present on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Marketer, Small Influencer, and Food and Fashion Enthusiast. I have audiences across TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram. Finding myself helped me find my target audience. HubSpot, Google Ads, Stukent, Salesforce, WordPress and more helped me every step of the way in my marketing career. I worked with various companies to drive their brand awareness and promote campaigns for new collections. This allowed me to build trust and connect with new and existing companies. Traveling across the United States as a brand ambassador for SHEIN is not just a job. It’s a dream. Marketing seasonal collections as a team through social media and email marketing is a passion of mine, which only strengthened my work ability. In my position as a marketing coordinator with Zeigler’s Distributor, Inc., I implement new promotions, distribute marketing tactics via social media, mass emailing, and vendors. Collaboration with cross-function teams is essential when measuring brand consistency with 100+ vendors, as well as developing business and marketing goals.

Traveling allowed me to experience food all around the world, and to meet new people for recommendations along the way. Friends from Australia, South Africa, Japan, and United States open up so many new foods choices and really show me company differences across the globe. This ties into how I view marketing in every aspect. They show me fashion trends, social media trends, food trends, and business trends which I continue to learn every day for my career.

My Knowledge

Find courses I’ve taken with up to date marketing skillsets.

Marketing Strategy and Research
Digital Marketing Strategy
International Marketing
Consumer Behavior

Self-motivated, detailed and adaptable

You can view some small clips I put together to get to know me and my style better. Each picture shows who I am and my experiences! 

Make a Difference

Most of my career I made sure to give back in any way I could.


Each club and program involved helping others whether we donated time, care, or items. I attended meetings and events weekly and gave back to the community and student body.

Women In Business

Assisting young women in pursuing their dreams
CHAARG (Changing Health, Attitude, and Actions to Recreate Girls)
Pushing women to be their best selves mentally and physically
Participating in activities with and donating for those struggling with addiction

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